Working with directing duo Radical Friend and Cream. Rushes MGFX Studio were approached to handle design and concept considerations involved in creating this dark and moody city which served as the backdrop to the commercial. Working closely with the Director Kirby, designer Guy Hancock created multiple various looks and treatments for Neon that were then composited by designer Barry Corcoran into matte paintings to achieve a final look. Once the Director was happy with these futuristic city visualisations the CG was then tracked composited on to previously shot buildings.
In conjunction with this work, studio designer Fraser Macedo worked on the creation of various stylised animations, serving as graphical projections that were captured in camera. Finally bespoke transitional effects using data mosh techniques were developed by Matt Lawrence and Guy Hancock to help bolster the feel of this dystopian world.
Barry comments, “From a design perspective, every man had his own task and knew what he had to achieve. I believe that all our hard work really shines through and shows in the creation of this city! We are extremely happy with the end result”
Credits ::
Client: Honda UK
Marketing Communications Manager - Car: Kate Barrett
ProductionTitle: Disruption
Agency: Karmarama
Producer: Jenny O'Connell
Creatives: Rachel Holding, Daniel Leppänen Business Director: Emily Samways
Planning Director: David Killick
ProductionCompany: Kream
Director: Radical Friend
Exec Producer: Eddie Marshall Creative Partner: Jon Harvey Producer: Mikey Levelle
DoP: Matt Fox
Editor: Ellie Johnson
Rushes Team
Exec Producer: Kristy May Currie
Producer: Simon Sanderson
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
VFX: Leo Weston (Lead), Matt Jackson, James Dooley, Mark Ford
CG: Andy Nicholas, Craig Travis, David Drese, Nimesh Patel, Mark Woodcock, Andrea Scibetta
MGFX: Matt Lawrence, Guy Hancock, Barry Corcoran, Fraser Macedo
Nuke: Noel Harmes, Sarah Breakwell

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